Rules of Life

The class I’ve been teaching to 13 young women with Julia from UrbanTrekkers and Robert our art teacher has culminated in self portraits, made with their words. Their words are their individual rules of life, which I was privileged to help them write. We are having an art show next Saturday, January 11 from 7-9pm at Bauhaus Gallery in Collingwood. Please stop by!

Kytara: I will treat myself on the inside with happiness and confidence. I will carry myself on the outside with strength and joy.


LeLe: I will remember that God sees me as imperfect and that is ok. I will love myself by continuing to learn my value and to not be so hard on myself.


Mecca: I will choose to surround myself with those who treat me with love and respect. I will treat God with respect by following the path He has made for me.



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  1. Hi Becky! Love the post. Please send to Shannon to post on Facebook and for a press release. I plan to send to UPA partners. Jen

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