Bon appétit!

“There she is! I see my grandma!” Said Miyah out on the back porch of the Peace House. Inside I heard volunteer Maureen Dodson echo her with a smile on her face. “Want to hear one of my favorite quotes?” I asked Maureen, “There is but one child in all the world and that is all children. ”

It was the last cooking class for our fifth-graders. This program offered by the Vetri Foundation is the brainchild of Philadelphia Inquirer food editor Maureen Fitzgerald, who writes the column My Daughter’s Kitchen ( daughter/) every Thursday. For the past eight weeks five of our fifth-graders have learned how to cook a meal each week that will serve six for $20 or less. The recipes are simple and nutritious and it has been a joy to witness the kids growing both in their culinary skills and in their willingness to try new foods.

We were particularly blessed to have chef Amy Falkenstein lead our class. She works for the Vetri Foundation offering food demonstrations in schools throughout the region. I’m amazed that each week she pulled off the miracle of five fifth-graders staying busy for a full two hours wielding knives and hot pans – without any injuries! She is pictured here with four of our students after they cooked a meal for their family members. I can’t wait to see what we’ll cook up this fall when this program will again be offered. Many thanks to Amy and to Maureen and Heather Winkler, our faithful volunteers.


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